Vuka Africa

The Vuka Africa Foundation is called to take the message of restoration to the continent of Africa; from province to province in South Africa and to every nation and region on the rest of the continent and the diaspora. Vuka Africa means “Arise Africa”. Vuka Africa brings this great message in song, dance, word and print. We live and breathe this message wherever we go as a Foundation.

The Message

The message of restoration is calling the People of Africa to take their responsibility to build and develop their continent and to make it a better place in which to live. The key is to receive the message and for everyone to bring their gifts, talents, skills, capabilities, networks and experience to rebuild and restore the land of their forefathers. The other key is for Africans to accept and value who they are.

Our Resources

The greatest wealth of Africa is its people. Its natural resources are a key strength. It’s critical to develop Africa’s people in order for them to administer and manage the resources and affairs of the continent, bringing solutions for all its challenges. We are richly endowed with skills, knowledge and wealth to be able to do the right thing. Let us therefore band together and do the right thing to advance our continent.

Vuka Africa Foundation

Changing Lives | Impacting Nations

Love Africa

African people must be encouraged to love the land of their birth and proudly develop and preserve it.

Be Patriotic

Patriotism has to be re-established in the minds of the people who, for many decades, were made to be non-citizens.

Love Who You Are

Accept that you are an African and love being African with all your heart, soul and mind.

Our Precious Pillars!

The following important pillars of the organisation have been identified.

Prayer, House of Prayer
Economic Missions
Discipling the Nations
Healing Concerts