Releasing the divine prophetic destiny of nations


We are all born with a divine destiny. A purpose and destiny that the Lord has placed in each and every one of us that we are to fulfill as long as we are on planet earth. It Is therefore very important to know what your purpose is, to pursue it and make a very conscious decision to walk in it. .As it is with people, so it is with Nations. Nations also have divine destinies and purposes that they too have to fulfill. The reason for their being! The purpose for their existence.

In the case of a nation, it is entirely up to the Citizens of every Nation to seek to know the destiny of their Nation , so that, as they align and walk in their personal destinies,  they can also align with the destiny of the nation in whatever they do. The responsibility of finding out the destiny of any nation, lies with those who are called by the name of the Lord (the Church or the Body of Christ). The church has the duty to seek the Lord for the revelation of the destiny of their Nation and to make it known to its people.

God does nothing except He reveals to His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7). The Lord speaks a thing before He does it, And suddenly He does it. The question He asks is : ‘Will you not declare it?’ (Isaiah 48:3-6,20). He watches over His word to perform it (Jeremiah 1:12;Isaiah 55:10,11). The Lord will do anything to fulfill His purposes, He will even call a bird of prey from the east, if He has spoken it, He will do it. If He has purposed it, He will bring it to pass (Isaiah 46:11). It is the work of the prophets to release the word of the Lord to the Nations.

The Lord has been revealing the destiny of South Africa to prophets in the Nation and in different Nations in the world. Over the years, He has been sending prophet after prophet to release and to confirm the word of the prophetic destiny of South Africa. Intercessors in the Nations have been praying for South Africa to fulfill her destiny especially in the Continent of Africa, because the destiny of Africa is directly linked to that of South Africa.



South Africa is chosen by God to be the Nation He will use to release a mighty revival that the world has not seen.

This is a Nation of revival,reformation,restitution and restoration. As the revival breaks out in South Africa, the move of the spirit will start from Province to Province and then breakout in the SADC region, spreading out  to the whole continent and finally to the Nations of the world. There has been previous revivals in this nation, like those of: John G Lake – Johannesburg,1870 to 1035. John G Lake left SA in 1913, his wife died and was buried here.

Rev Nicholas Bhengu – Duncan Village, East London, October 1950

Lujizweni Location,plot no 5, Ngqeleni – 1953,1983,2013 to present

Andrew Murray – Worcester, Western Cape ( April 1860 )

Reinhard Bonnke – Africa, ( 1940 to present )

Rev Richard Ngidi – Kwazulu Natal KZN ( 1956 )

KwaSizabantu – Kwazulu Natal KZN( 1966 )


Revivals have been coming in South Africa since the eighteen hundreds. Sadly, They would come and go but now, the Lord has given us a strategy to sustain this coming revival.

In 2010 the Lord called us to pray, it was in this time He was clear in saying that ‘the time of fulfillment of the promise of revival has come’. He said that the revival will be birthed through prayer and worship and will be sustained through prayer and worship. The Lord instructed us to collect all the prophecies He had released about South Africa because He was about to move. He wanted it to be known that He said these things before He does them (Isaiah 48:3-6,20).

In reaction to this instruction, I compiled what I could lay my hands on and put it on the Vuka Africa website.I then later learnt that the Lord spoke to Prophet Andre Baard in Cape Town the same word and He compiled 40 prophecies into a book called ‘Southern Tip of Africa Fire Prophecy’. His book also includes the prophecies that I had compiled. (The book is available for free on their website :



Song and dance are the redemptive gifts of South Africa (it is a natural gift, South Africans are born with) and it is very apparent that most South Africans are very gifted singers and dancers. If you have ever you noticed, with a  South African child, as soon as he/she can walk, he/she starts dancing and is able to follow the rhythm. When they start speaking they also sing, when they hear music they sing along. They catch songs easily, it’s a grace the Lord has given to the Nation for a purpose.

South Africans are the only people that can sing without accompaniment yet sing with harmony. Now is the time for the purpose to be revealed. South Africa is the Nation that is called and chosen for the healing of the Nations see Revelation 22:1-5 read together with Ezekiel 47:1-12.

South Africans will go to the Nations to release songs of healing and restoration. As they release these songs, the Lord will reveal His glory and all eyes will see the glory. They will know that the Lord is God, they will believe in Him and follow Him.

Through the revival that will come out of South Africa; God will change the face of Africa and He will restore Africa.This promise was released in the year 2000 saying, ‘God will change the face of Africa in 10 years’. In 2010,exactly 10 years later, God brought the World Cup to Africa through South Africa for the world to see what He is going to do through this Continent.

South Africans will go out to preach the Gospel/message of the Kingdom of God to the whole world. Africa will be saved and Africa will then evangelize the world. Africa will take the pure gospel unadulterated to the very Nations that came to evangelize them. Those Nations have become secular now and they need revival. It is Africa’s time to go to these Nations to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom and to bring revival.



If you turn the map of Africa once, in an anticlockwise direction, you will see that it looks like a gun.

The Nations in the western part of Africa: Ghana and Nigeria, are situated at the trigger point and South Africa is the nozzle. Ghana and Nigeria are to pull the trigger and South Africa is to open the nozzle so that the fire of revival may break out of South Africa. These Nations have been pulling the trigger through their prayers but South Africa does not open the nozzle. The nozzle is not opened purely because South Africans do not know their destiny and their role for the healing and restoration of Africa. Many people all over the world know what God has said about South Africa and what He is going to do through this Nation except South Africans themselves, hence He has been sending prophets to release His word upon the Nation.

Turn the map back around to its normal position and take note of the following;  because South africa is at the bottom of the continent, it is also the feet of Africa, positioned to take the Continent to Her destiny. In 2009 the Lord sent a word calling South Africans to pray to Him for twelve days from the 1st to the 12th February 2009, saying : ‘Though South Africa is the feet of Africa, it is in chains. If South Africans will pray to Him, He will reveal Himself to the Nation. He will reveal Her prophetic destiny and He will break the chains so that South Africa will be set free to take Africa to Her destiny’. ( the word was released by Apostle Symon Kariuki from Kenya )



In 2013 the Lord sent Rick Joyner to tell South Africa that the time of revival is now and to warn that South Africa is one of the 5 Nations that has the spirit of racism. Therefore we must deal with this spirit so that revival may break out.

In 2012 I received the word of the Lord saying : ” I am not going to bring the revival through black or white people. I am going to bring the revival through South Africans.” I understood this word when I heard the word that came through Rick Joyner. During the Fire Trails that was led by South Africa Back to God, the Lord said,  ‘Go and tell my people I am about to move.’ He told me to take the route along the west coast from Cape Town to George,Port Elizabeth,Mthatha and East London.


When we came to East London we traced the ancient pathways of revival.  We went to the place where the revival that was led by Reverend Nicholas Bhengu  which started in Duncan Village in 1950.  We prayed there with a lady who got born again during that revival and we asked the Lord to do it again according to His promise.

This year the spirit of racism reed it’s ugly head. This is a sign that the time of fulfillment is at hand. South Africans should rise up and deal with these spirits and all spirits confronting our Nation and drive them out.

In 2015 the Lord sent Apostles Emmanuel Kure (Nigeria) and Chuck Pierce (USA) to release a word to South Africa. The word they released was:

‘The glory of God is hidden in South Africa. There are layers covering it. In order to remove the layers, songs of restoration should be released in every Province. As the the songs are released, in three years the glory will be revealed to Africa and to the whole world.’

Chuck Pierce saw this 30 years ago and has been praying for South Africa ever since, waiting for the door to open for him to come and release the word. The door only opened now through Apostle Pearl Kupe.



They came again this year from 11th to 12th March 2016  in Cape Town,  to remind us of the word and to further expand on it.

Among the many things they revealed (see the report), they said new songs break circles. Meaning new songs or the song of the Lord should be released for the glory to be revealed. They said we must secure the land for the glory to be released. They said there are spirits upon the land that must be dealt with, if these spirits are dealt with,  a highway will be opened and change will come. Lies distort destinies. The greatest threat to the Kingdom of God is the spirit of lies. The refuge of lies must be destroyed.

The spirits over South Africa are :

  1. The spirit of Leviathan and the Beast
  2. The spirit of Harlotry, the Rahab spirit which is the spirit of Prostitution
  3. The spirit of Corruption.


These spirit create invisible walls, these walls must fall for Africa to connect with destiny.


This year is the year of AYIN-VAV which is the year of connecting. From last year it has been South Africa’s Time, She must not miss Her time for the sake of Africa (see the rest of the word on the Vuka Africa website –



The giant from the North : Violent Radical Islam

The giant from the West : Secular (Godless)Humanism

The giant from the East : The Dragon from China

The giant from the South : Idolatry and Witchcraft

To deal with these giants see the book : FOUR GIANTS CONFRONTING AFRICA  and How to Handle Them by Laban Jjumba. Buy the book at :



Vuka Africa declares and heralds the message of hope,healing and restoration in word,song,dance and in print. The foundation is called to take this message to every Province in South Africa, to every Region in the Continent of Africa and to Africans in the Diaspora. The message which it carries is that it is Africa’s time to Arise, to lead her restoration and to rebuild the Continent.

In 2015 Vuka Africa went to every Province and to three Nations (Ethiopia,Nigeria and Israel) to release the word as well as prophetic songs of healing and restoration. These songs, Vuka Africa is releasing over the Nation and Nations,  are new songs.

As Vuka Africa goes to the Nations it does the following:

  1. Declares the message of Hope, Healing and Restoration
  2. Healing the nations campaigns – worship concerts
  3. Releases Nations to Their Divine Prophetic Destinies
  4. Announces The Time of Jubilee – time of release, recovery, return
  5. Calls Africans to Invest in Africa
  6. Promotes Intra-Africa Trade, through Trade Missions and Business Forums
  7. Calls Kingdom Entrepreneurs to establish Kingdom Businesses and to do business the Kingdom way
  8. Creates platforms for Kingdom Entrepreneurs to launch and to exhibit their products or services.


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